Risk mitigation is at the forefront of all we do. We have developed our ‘Be Safe Work Safe’ strategy, and from that we have our four Pillars of Safety Rules which, when followed, greatly aid in the elimination of preventable accidents and incidents.

Pillars of Safety


If you think something is not safe, then speak up by informing a supervisor or your line manager. Make sure you stop work until a safe system of work is in place.


works should not start until you have received a briefing from a supervisor explaining all the relevant hazards and control measures in place, especially if something changes from the planned works.


If something changes on site, take five minutes to re-assess hazards and to ensure that all control measures are in place for the task to be completed safely, Point of Work Risk Assessment.


Please ensure that you advise your supervisor before you start your shift if you are feeling unwell, anything both physically and metally that could make you unfit for work.

Mental Health

We are also investing substantially in the mental health and physical wellbeing of our workforce and supporters of the ‘Mates in Mind’ campaign.

We have a network of Mental Health First Aiders throughout our organisation and conduct regular Health, Safety and Wellbeing training courses and awareness sessions to ensure that we not only provide conventional training but also help our people develop essential behavioral skills. We recognise that safety, health, and well-being are intrinsically linked and that a healthy, happy workforce is a safer, more productive workforce. Safety culture is improving all the time across the industry, and we are proud that this is an area where we can take the lead in delivering positive change.


In line with our motto of One Team, One Vision, One Solution, we have a well-established quality culture in Hercules, that is embedded throughout every division of the organisation, including Labour Supply, Civils Projects, Security, Rail, Suction Excavators, Construction Training and Digital. Our aim with our quality culture is to create an environment where every member of our workforce genuinely cares about the quality of their work and make decisions based on achieving that level of quality.

Everything we do at Hercules is backed by our robust, ISO certified Quality Management System and the policies and procedures contained within. We take pride in working to the highest of standards and understand that only by seeking continual improvement can we achieve our company mission to be a world class service provider.

To meet our own high standards and those of our clients and the construction industry, we undertake regular reviews of all our processes and procedures and work collaboratively throughout our organisation to ensure that we are following best practice or finding new, innovative ways to improve standards.







Quality on our sites:
Our arrangements for managing Quality are focused upon effective leadership, communication, workforce involvement, risk management, as well as governance and process. As well as fully implementing our robust Business Management Systems, quality standards and performance management of our site teams is established through creating a work environment where employees are empowered and enabled to perform to the best of their abilities. Performance goals are measured against productivity, time management and decision-making. Through communication, maintaining a strong team, and tracking and measuring progress, we ensure the smooth running of our projects.


We take our Environmental commitments seriously and our Environmental Policy and supporting procedures that sit within our Environmental Management System (EMS) have been ISO 14001 certified since 2017. This is something we achieved for all of our staff during the COVID-19 Pandemic by Risk Assessment and adhering to the ever changing Government and Industry guidance, allowing our critical workforce to safely remain at work.

We also have our Carbon Management strategy and procedure, with company KPI’s, in line with PAS 2080, in order to effectively capture the data required to help us achieve our goal of reducing our carbon emissions and creating a sustainable future for our business and the environment.

One of our biggest environmental impact areas is through the fuel and emissions involved in the commuting of our workforce on our projects. We actively manage and mitigate these risks through initiatives such as:

Our Local Employment Initiative – we consider it an essential part of our recruitment strategy to employ local people on our projects wherever possible, and one of Hercules’ USPs is our award-winning Recruitment App and Integrated Personnel Management System. Through our digital systems we can allocate new and existing labour resource from local areas, enabling us to target local employees, in turn creating positive social value within communities, and ensuring we can put the right person, with the right skills, in the right location, onto our projects.

Our Green Transport Programme – through our extensive fleet of vans and minibuses, as well as our car-sharing scheme, we aim to lower carbon emissions and reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

Suction Excavators:
Our fleet of state-of-the-art SUCTION EXCAVATORS not only have numerous H&S and project benefits, but also reduce damage to the environment, significantly reduce construction dust, and reduce carbon emissions through fewer vehicle movements on site.

Zero Trim Technique:
The ZERO TRIM PILING is a technique developed by Hercules in collaboration with one of our clients, whereby we eliminated the need for pile cropping via the innovative use of Suction Excavators. Again, this has numerous benefits to both the project and to safety, and it also reduces the carbon footprint of the project through the reduced concrete over-pour required, and no noise or dust is produced from drilling and breaking, which is a valuable benefit in highly populated residential areas. The technique has also been recognised as game-changing in the construction industry has won numerous awards.

Health Screening

We’re uniquely positioned as a company to deploy our MOBILE HEALTH SCREENING TRAILER to projects. This allows us to conduct health screenings for everyone on a project, not just our own team. This invaluable tool boosts awareness and enhances our employees’ health and wellbeing throughout a project. Besides tracking biometric targets like weight and blood pressure, we collaborate with clients to monitor these goals. This enhances control over conditions like diabetes, greatly improving our workforce’s overall health outcomes.