Working closely with site leadership, we offer and deliver Health Screening checks that support both our clients and the on-site workforce. Our comprehensive assessments cover a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

Safety critical
Alcohol and drug
Blood pressure
Flu Vaccinations
HAVs (Hand Arm Vibration) Testing
Height, weight &
BMI evaluations
Vision tests
(colour and distance)
Hearing tests (audiometry)
Lung function tests/peak flow assessments
Mental health

The Benefits

Positive EngagemenT

We can actively engaged our workforce, by making their wellbeing our top priority. By providing accessible Health Screenings, we foster a supportive work environment that enhances employee morale and resilience.

Data for Workforce
Health Monitoring

Through our Health Screenings, we are able gather data that measures key health statistics of the workforce. This valuable information enables the monitoring of workforce health trends, providing immediate feedback and facilitating proactive measures to address emerging health concerns.

Increased Retention
and Reduced Absenteeism

Our Health Screenings significantly contribute to the retention of project staff
by proactively addressing health concerns. Early detection and intervention minimise the loss of working hours due to illness, resulting in improved productivity and reduced absenteeism.

Cost Savings and Efficiency

By offering on-site Health Screenings, we eliminate the need for employees to take time off or visit GP surgeries for check-ups. This not only reduces sick days but also saves valuable time and expenses associated with external healthcare visits.

Carbon Emissions Benefits

By conducting on-site medical and drug & alcohol tests, we’ve significantly reduced unproductive time, saving over 2 hours per worker and totaling 2000 hours. Additionally, we’ve cut more than 6,940kg of CO2 by minimizing travel distances and promoting environmental sustainability.

Our Impact

In June 2022, we conducted health screening sessions at Skanska’s M42 safety stand-down day using our Mobile Health Screening Trailer. The assessments included BMI measurements, blood pressure checks, cholesterol screenings, and overall health questionnaires. A total of 120 operatives from across the site utilised our services.

During these screenings, two operatives were identified with high blood pressure. In one case, it was revealed that the operative had been incorrectly administering blood pressure medication. We provided the necessary guidance to address this issue promptly. Additionally, another operative from one of our labour partners was identified with abnormally high blood pressure during the screening. The individual was immediately sent to the hospital and remained under observation for several days. The assessment revealed a high risk of a heart attack, highlighting the potential severity of the situation. Such incidents underscore the importance of providing easy access to health monitoring, which would typically require time off for a GP appointment.

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Health Screening Services


““Worth its weight in gold; potentially saved somebody’s life after a safety stand down day at our M42 project. A massive thank you to Hercules for bringing the mobile health screening trailer and nurses onto our site to do health screening of our work force (not just Hercules employees). A colleague with high blood pressure and another with high cholesterol were both recommended to visit their own doctors that day.

Most importantly the Hercules nurse found a colleague with blood pressure of 200 and we took him to straight to hospital where they spent 2 days to get their blood pressure under control, before returning to work 7 days late. The individual had no idea of their high blood pressure until the day of the screening.””

Skanska - Works Manager