We operate with pride to deliver on what we promise, where zero-harm to our workforce,
our clients, our stakeholders and the environment, is our fundamental priority.

Through a passion for early involvement and with our directly employed, experienced workforce, supported by an extensive, modern plant fleet, we pride ourselves on our ability to be highly responsive, innovative and flexible.

We strive to offer our clients performance certainty, delivering high quality projects on time and with cost assurance.


With a reputation for excellence and recognised for our incredibly high standards throughout the water industry, our Civils Projects division have been able to efficiently expand into all sectors of the Civil Engineering industry, delivering the same high standards across a wide range of projects.

Working closely with our Labour Supply division and our Plant & Fleet division, we can react decisively and effectively at any stage of a project, whether that’s having an input at the design phase or utilising additional workforce as a project’s requirements change.

We believe in engaging early with our clients, working collaboratively to ensure all aspects of a project are reviewed and considered and that we develop solutions that are safe, robust and deliver value for money at every stage of our projects.

Types of projects

Reinforced Concrete Structures
& Drainage
Roads &
Site Enabling
Ducts and
Retaining Walls
Specialists in Water Waste & Clean


Our state-of-the-art machinery selection offers versatility and efficiency for various projects. Our excavator fleet includes 14-tonne, 8-tonne, and 3-tonne models, catering to diverse excavation needs. Additionally, we provide a range of dumpers, including Standard, Swivel Skip, Front Tip, Rigid Dump Trucks, and Articulated dump trucks, ensuring suitability for different material handling tasks.

Environmental responsibility is a core value for us. We maintain, service, and update our machines to ensure they operate efficiently and with minimal environmental impact. Our commitment extends to environmentally and economically sound operational methods, prioritising sustainability in all aspects of our work.

We also take pride in our local workforce sourcing. Through our blue-collar labour supply arm, we employ skilled local workers who are part of our highly reputable network of operatives. This approach not only supports our community but also guarantees the expertise needed for successful project execution.

@ONE Alliance, SPA Alliance
Costain, Galliford Try, SGN, MWH, MMB, Tilbury Douglas
Galliford Try, CMDP
Galliford Try, MHWT, Tilbury Douglas, MMB, Costain, Glan Agua, Bridges, SGN, AMEY, Kier, Clancy DOCWRA
Galliford Try, MHWT, Tilbury Douglas, MMB, Costain, Glan Agua, Bridges, SGN, AMEY, Kier, Clancy DOCWRA
Galliford Try, MHWT, Tilbury Douglas, MMB, Costain, Glan Agua, Bridges, SGN, AMEY, Kier, Clancy DOCWRA

Areas, Frameworks & Partners

We are a leading force in civil engineering solutions for utility companies across the UK. We operate within key regulatory frameworks like AMP7, offering scalable, customised solutions for diverse infrastructural needs from wastewater management in urban locales to freshwater sourcing in rural areas. The cornerstone of our operations lies in our strategic partnerships with major water companies, technology vendors, and governmental bodies, all aimed at setting new industry standards and building a more sustainable future for communities across the United Kingdom.

Civil Engineering Clients


Stoke Mandeville Hospital

Carpark B at the Stoke Mandeville Hospital had been out of action for a number of months due to drainage and flooding issues. […]
  • £600k

  • NHS (Sodexo) Stoke Mandeville Hospital

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Deephams Main Works

The project included the civil and landscaping works for a new gas plant. […]
  • £374,000

  • Bridges/ SGN

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Cockfosters Main Works

A multi-faceted works package for NMCN to expand the capacity at Cockfosters Water Tower to supply HS2 construction works from Affinity Waters network. […]
  • £750,000

  • NMCN/ Affinity Water/ Galliford Try

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Hercules civils

Contact our Civils Team
on 01793 336851
or info@hercules-construction.co.uk


“Good professional job from start to finish, where health and safety came first, and a high quality of work was always achieved. excellent supervision on site.
Very helpful in the event on an incident where they would provide us with teams. Also worked any weekends required of them.”

MMB - Works Manager

“Any additional feedback: I have been very impressed with the team on Farmoor WTW. Really professional and proactive with high standard of workmanship.
They have been installing cable ducting/CCTV bases and kiosk bases, this is a site that as lots of underground servicers. Lots of hand digging and using the Vac ex. Lots of unidentified servicers have been avoided. Very good communication from the supervisor, one small thing but showed to be very beneficial was the WhatsApp group that was set up. Brilliant, showed all the installation and helped to complete our ITFs. I would highly recommend the team I have been working with on this site.
Well done all and very well supervised. All a credit to Hercules Civils”

Galliford Try - Construction Manager

“Very good communication between both parties, good collab approach taken to achieving programme and working together. Relationship actually improved when HSS PM left project and HSS CM got more involved. H&S has been good, use of Vac Ex for excavation has worked well. Change Control has been effective, a pragmatic approach taken to small changes and focus more on getting it right first time.
A good project to showcase how collab working can work and successful project delivery cam be achieved.

JN Bentley - Senior Project Manager

“We are extremely impressed with the work carried out on site so far…
The management and supervision team are well experienced, competent and pro-active in their
approach to conducting work activities and have presented some of the best RAMS I have seen in a while…
The operatives are all extremely competent and their ‘training packs’ are complete (including fitness to work/safety critical certification which has been something I have had many problems receiving from other contractors)… their approach to H&S is obviously set in to the culture within the company and managing them is proving to be pleasurable.”

@ONE Alliance - Project Manager

“Just a quick email to acknowledge the effort put in today and yesterday with the safe and successful replacement of inlets suction valves on DWF Pumps No.3 & No.4. The installation of these required a lot of planning and co-ordination between various parties to ensure this success, so credit to all of you on this. The successful completion of these works provide huge confidence to Thames Water going forward, with a number of shutdowns still required on the project. We will hold a debriefing session next week to ensure the lessons learned and efficiencies are implemented going forward.”

Contracts Manager – Glan Agua

Areas, Frameworks & Partners