Hercules Site Security is a provider of static/mobile security officers (SIA accredited), temporary site security capabilities and systems (fixed cameras, camera towers (including wireless) with management and co-ordination from the project specific security operations centres) across the UK.

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At Hercules, we employ a cutting-edge suite of security technologies, ensuring the utmost safety and protection for construction sites across the UK. Our advanced surveillance systems provide 24/7 monitoring, including high-resolution CCTV cameras, thermal imaging, and drone surveillance, capable of detecting any unauthorised activity with exceptional accuracy. We offer access control technologies such as biometric scanners and smart card readers, guaranteeing only authorised personnel can access the sites.

We also implement sophisticated intrusion detection systems, including motion sensors, infrared detectors, and perimeter alarms. The integration of these technologies with our state-of-the-art control centre, equipped with real-time monitoring and rapid response capabilities, allows us to deliver superior security solutions. Ensuring the integrity and safety of your construction site is our highest priority.


Phase 1 – Preparation

Planning and preparation will be conducted by our team in conjunction with the client and incumbent security (if in place). All equipment, stores and administration necessary for the mobilisation will be identified and confirmed.

The personnel files, contracts, insurance, finance record, vetting and training records will be prepared for all Hercules personnel. The HMT HR staff will lead the personnel administration during this phase, with the management oversight provided by the Head of Security.

Phase 2 – Mobilisation

The mobilisation process will be organised in several sequential phases, encompassing equipment, stores, and personnel. Throughout these stages, the Head of Security assumes the primary leadership role, serving as the chief point of contact and decision-maker.

This phased approach ensures a well-structured and coordinated deployment of resources, optimising efficiency and security management during the entire mobilisation operation.

Phase 3 – Transition

The transition phase will take Hercules from demobilisation through to the project start date and beyond. This phase will involve the HMT, all the specialists and other Hercules personnel to ensure the project starts as planned.

During this phase, we will focus on adherence to the client’s standards and procedures. Induction training is a vital component in the transitional period and will follow the Hercules Site Services training standards.


All our dog handlers are Security Industry Authority (SIA) accredited, ensuring top-quality, professional service that abides by the highest industry standards. What sets us apart is our canine unit, all of which are NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) qualified. This qualification guarantees that our security dogs are trained to respond appropriately in varied environments and are able to rapidly detect potential threats with their acute senses. The combination of skilled handlers and highly trained dogs results in a comprehensive security solution that bolsters the protection of your site, deterring criminal activities like theft or vandalism.

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“I would just like to say great service. The team keeps in regular contact with the office...
...the handlers go above and beyond their role. ”

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