Hercules Approach to CSR & Social Value Creation

Hercules are committed to being a great place to work and to be an industry leader by caring for our employee’s health & wellbeing, communities and the wider environment.

The Hercules CSR Working Groups strategy is to leave a positive impact on colleagues, clients, communities and the environment by delivering positive social value outcomes.

What? – A63 & A19 Health Screening Checks

In January 2021, we continued to support our client with unique initiatives across a further two Balfour Beatty RDP sites utilizing our versatile Mobile Health Screening Trailer. Working collaboratively with site leadership we were able to support our client and the workforce on site by offering and delivering free Health Screening checks which included BMI check; Cholesterol; Blood pressure; diabetes check and mental health awareness. This was offered to all members of the workforce.

Benefits Delivered

  • Promoted Hercules as a supporter of both our client and workforce
  • Promoted Hercules as a collaborative strategic partner to Balfour Beatty
  • Positively engaging the workforce during the pandemic and ensuring the wellbeing of our staff is a top priority.
  • Provide anonymized data measuring key health stats of the workforce which can be used to monitor workforce health and provide immediate feedback