Hercules delivered Eight2O’s groundworks and RC package for the Lower Thames Aeration Mitigation Project at Thames Water’s Mogden STW.

This consisted of the following activities;

  • The construction of a 23m long by 3.5m wide by 2m deep MCC reinforced concrete chamber
  • The construction of a 10m long by 9m wide x 2m deep double transformer compound
  • 160m x 250mm Dia HV ducting
  • 40m x 15 way 150mm Dia ducting
  •  30m x 150mm DI Drainage
  • 50m x Titan Kerbs
  • 12m x 1m x 750mm Precast trough installation
  • Associated road construction & footpaths

Our site team were tasked with reducing the amount of formwork timber used and improving the overall carbon footprint of the job from tender to delivery. We successfully achieved this by procuring and employing an aluminium formwork system to reduce the amount of timber used on the project and re-using dug sand, grading it on site and re-purposing as surround to the 150mm ducting.