Hercules are committed to the wellbeing of our joint workforce and taking the opportunity to work collaboratively to carry out Health Screenings on site. Health and wellbeing is an opportunity to engage our joint work force and to show them how important their health and wellbeing is for all organisations. Whilst raising awareness of various health issues and promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Working collaboratively with site leadership we are able to support our clients and the workforce on site by offering and delivering free Health Screening checks. Available assessments include:

  • Safety critical medicals
  • Alcohol and Drug testing – Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Height/weight/BMI
  • Vision test (Colour & Distance) – Hearing test (Audiometry)
  • Lung function test/Peak flow
  • Diabetes check
  • Mental health check ups


1. Positively engaged the workforce during the pandemic and ensured the wellbeing of our staff as a top priority.

2. Increase retention of project staff, reducing loss of working hours due to illness

3. Cash benefits for the project in terms of reducing sick days or time off to get checks in GP surgeries.

4. Provide anonymized data measuring key health stats of the workforce which can be used to monitor workforce health and provide immediate feedback

M42 Health Screening June 22

In June 2022, we ran health screening sessions at Skanska’s M42 safety stand down day using our Mobile Health Screening Trailer. The assessment included BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol and overall health questionnaires.

120 operatives from across site utilised the service. Two operatives were identified as having high blood pressure. The first operative was shown to have high blood pressure due to incorrectly administering blood pressure medication, which they were then provided guidance on.

Another operative from one of our labour partners was identified as having abnormally high blood pressure during a health screening check by one of our occupational health nurses. The operative was immediately sent to hospital and remained for several days for observation. The operative was assessed as high risk of a heart attack, had the assessment not picked up on this, there could have been severe consequences. Moments like these show the importance of providing easy access to health monitoring, that would usually require time out of work for a GP appointment. Providing this service proves that Hercules and the project care for our workers.