Congratulations for the outstanding efforts of our Employees of the Month for May and June: Dave and Sophie!

Dave Wellman. Tech IOSH
Dave’s work ethic is truly commendable; he not only excels in his own responsibilities but also extends a helping hand to colleagues whenever needed. His willingness to go the extra mile, coupled with his team-oriented attitude, has fostered a positive atmosphere of collaboration. Congratulations, Dave, on your well-deserved recognition as Employee of the Month!

Turning our attention to June, Sophie stands out for her unwavering dedication and remarkable progress. Throughout the year, Sophie’s diligent work ethic and consistent high standards have truly impressed. Embracing additional responsibilities and putting in extra hours, she has showcased an admirable commitment to her role as a Rail Coordinator. Her recent contributions to our successful RISQs audit highlight her ability to deliver under pressure and exemplify her dedication. Sophie’s growth in confidence and proactive approach, especially in her role as a fire marshal, have made a significant positive impact. Sophie, your dedication and remarkable journey make you a deserving recipient of the Employee of the Month accolade. Congratulations!