Hercules are leading the way alongside fellow contractors on calling the construction industry to take a stand on fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR). Hercules are proud to be one of the first of 36 signatories to the FIR commitment ‘Better for Everyone’ campaign.


With a number of major infrastructure projects taking place right across the U.K, it is more important than ever that the industry needs to swiftly address the growing skills shortage. Organisations must as a start become more inclusive to open up the pool of talent available to the construction industry.


At Hercules we believe that embedding FIR into everything we do we help us attract, retain and develop the best people for the future of the industry.


The company now has three FIR ambassadors that are living up to the key principles of the programme and developing how we further embed FIR into our organisation to reap the benefits; of which there are so many.



Brusk Korkmaz, Managing Director, said “Fairness, Inclusion and Respect is something we hope to embed right through our organisation. We wish our workforce to reflect the communities we are working in and benefit from that diversity. Our industry is all about people and we need to focus on creating an environment that supports each individual for their strengths, regardless of their background.


We welcomed the Tolu Oke and Ian Heptonstall from the Supply Chain Sustainability School, to our South Cerney office to further imbed ‘Developing a culture of Fairness, Inclusion and Respect’ into our team. The team had a half day training on what FIR means and how to really implement it.


Read more about Fairness, Inclusion and Respect here and how you can join the Supply Chain School here.