What Did We Do?

At Hercules, we make the health & wellbeing of our workforce a top priority. With this in mind, and utilising our unique Mobile Health Screening Trailer, in November 2019 we set out to deliver the flu vaccination to one our key projects at the M4 Smart Motorway.

The uptake was so successful that we have since been invited to bring this initiative onto numerous other projects, and we’ll be delivering more flu vaccinations again on the M4 in 2020.

The Benefits

Below are just a few of the benefits that we delivered by offering on-site flu vaccinations from our Mobile Health Screening Trailer:

  • Improved health and wellbeing for the entire project workforce
  • Reduced number of sick days taken due to taking ill with the flu
  • Improved project morale as the workforce feel valued
  • Less time away from site for workers requiring the vaccination
  • Project time and financial efficiency

The Stats

On the M4 alone we were able to deliver more than £21,500 in

costs saved due to reduced time off from flu. Calculated using figures from Public Health England and average project salaries.

Without flu vaccination:

  • Project population: 200
  • Workers who contract the flu: 40
  • Cost to project: £53,770.00

With Hercules flu vaccinations:

  • Vaccinations administered: 200
  • Workers who contract the flu: 24
  • Cost to project: £32,262.00

As well as reduced costs associated with time off due to flu, our initiative also helped to reduce time spent away from site attending medical appointments or receiving the flu vaccination elsewhere, in turn helping to reduce carbon emissions for the projects.

With the average time spent by operatives travelling to a medical appointment being 49 minutes each way and the time spent at a medical appointment averaging 30 minutes, we were able to save our projects more than 2 hours per worker of unproductive time spent away from site. In addition, with the average round trip of approximately 30 miles each way we have helped to save 6.94kg CO2e per worker being produced (assuming a medium sized diesel car achieving 45mpg).