Our Trailer

We are fully committed to the health and wellbeing of not only our own workforce but also that of our clients and all workers in our industry. We therefore took the bold step to design and have built our own Mobile Health Screening solution, adding yet another aspect to our growing portfolio of services.

Our unique solution is a fantastic opportunity to engage with a project workforce, demonstrating to them how important their health, safety and wellbeing is to us.

What Can We Offer?

Our trailer can be deployed onto your project, staffed with qualified nurses or our own Mental Health First Aiders and used to provide:

  • A wide range of medicals including Safety Critical Medicals
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Mental Health support
  • A safe space for workers to discuss issues or concerns,
  • work-related or otherwise
  • Utilised for the project-wide delivery of Health &
  • Wellbeing initiatives (such as our delivery of flu jabs to
  • multiple projects)
  • Raised awareness of Health, Safety & Wellbeing issues

The Benefits

There are numerous benefits to deploying our trailer onto a project, including reduced time spent away from site attending medicals and in turn, reduced carbon emissions.

With the average time spent by operatives travelling to a medical or drug & alcohol test being 49 minutes each way and the time spent in a medical averaging 30 minutes, over just the first 1000 medicals we delivered on site we were able to save our projects more than 2 hours per worker, totaling 2000 hours of unproductive time spent away from site.

In addition, with the average round trip of approximately 30 miles each way (assuming a medium sized diesel car achieving 45mpg) producing 6.94kg CO2e, we have saved more than 6,940kg of CO2e for our clients.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved health and wellbeing for the entire project workforce
  • Potentially life-saving early detection of physical and mental health conditions
  • Improved productivity and safety from a happier, healthier workforce
  • Reduced absence due to ill-health
  • A safe space for discussing Modern Slavery concerns